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Clear Decollage Whipped Cream

Hey girls

I was gone for a while…. more like a month wow time passes by really fast. Im back now and regular blogging will be back on track now. I hope everybody had a great christmas and a fun time bringing in the new year.

So for the first post of the new year Im sharing a new product by decollage.

Clear Jelly Whipped Cream by Decollage

Clear Decollage Whipped Cream
Im sure it will be just as expensive as the regular whipped cream. Im posting this because I wanted to let people know you can just by clear caulk at the hardware store to make this. Clear caulk still cost about 2 to 3 bucks vs the one by decollage which will probably cost about 10 bucks in japan and probably boosted to 16 bucks in the U.S. Just wanted to give a heads up. Enjoy the pics.

Clear Decollage Whipped Cream

Delta Transparent Perm Enamel Glass Paint Review

This review is for Delta Air Dry Transparent PermEnamel Glass Paint – whoa that product title is super long lol.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Okay so I bought this product so I could make transparent deco sauce for my decoden and clay miniatures. I was very excited because its air dry , its transparent and it comes in a whole bunch of colors including white which meant that I could create even more colors by just adding in pigment.

So I purchased 2 bottles of this Glass paint in 2 colors: Amber and Rose

Oh and I also bought 1 bottle of Kelly’s Non Toxic Glass Stain just to compare it to the Delta Brand

Delta Glass Paint


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