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Creative Paper Clay Review

This is my review for Creative Paper Clay

Creative Paper Clay

Creative Paper Clay


Glue that dries white and custom colors

Here is a quick tip for you.

If you want to make your own glue that dries white all you need to do is to take your glue and just add some white acrylic paint and stir and as easy as 1.2.3 you have glue that dries white.

You can also do this with other colors or create your own custom color glue. The possibilities are endless. Now you can make rainbows from glue, tie dye effects, make cute characters from the glue, add embellishments and make flowers, jewelry or on paper tags there is just so much you can do that this sentence is going on and on and on and on .

This is a really fun thing to do.

Colored Caulk Tutorial with Oil Paint

In this tutorial I will show you how to add color to your caulk with oil paint. Im making this tutorial for people who like to make miniatures or decoden , re-ment and stuff like that. Although I know other people who are doing home repair will appreciate this as well.

All you need is some caulk and some oil paint. So lets get started.

Step 1: Put your caulk in a plastic baggie to mix, Im only making a sample batch so you can put yours directly into a piping bag or squeeze bottle. When mixing the caulk you want to minimize the exposure of the caulk to air so it doesnt cure and allows you enough time to blend it and make your creations. Which is why I use a zip lock mini baggie and squeeze out the air, it gives me more working time.

Colored Caulk Silicone Tutorial


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