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KawaiiFrenzy.Com on Facebook

Hi everybody

So Im finally starting to set up my facebook and twitter accounts. I’ll be posting promotions,contest and special giveaways on that page. My Links are below

KawaiiFrenzy Twitter

Help find these lost bears

Alert Alert the video below is for a guy who lost his bears. He is giving a reward out if you find “his” bears not just replacements.

Check out his website for more info.

I really hope you find your bears. Hope this post may help in your search

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Website Blues

So ermm…… the main part of my site is horrible lol . Im glad at least this blog is working cuz i’ve totally slacked on fixing it up. I just realized I havent even put up a contact form, a chat box or anything. arg so many things to do.

Im not even sure how I want the main part of this site to look. So I think I’ll work on it tonight and try to make something amazing with it. Im gonna fix up the layout of the blog too.

So lets see how things turn out tonight while I make some new designs. I’ll update later.

What would you want to see on this website?

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