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Kawaii Collection Blast from the Past

Today I was just thinking about my massive collection of japanese items. I’ve collected stationary and japanese craft items since I was in 4th grade lol. I remember trading pencils and erasers with the other girls at recess. So its been about 17 years of being in love with japanese items.

Heres a little bit of some of items I have. My house is over run with cute things lol. A couple of years ago I sold a ton of stuff from my collection. I think I sold about 400 items when I did that. I had a huge collection of memo pads I think I had well over 1000 of them and so many stickers,pencils, erases I never even counted. I also made thousands of pins that I sold, traded, gave away. sigh

I bet so many girls also remember the memo pad craze of flickr lol now I cant imagine paying 50 bucks for a memo pad anymore lol it was so much fun though. Especially with all the ebay bid wars for the vintage memo pads and stickers. Collecting all the pieces in matching sets lol those were the days

This is a super picture heavy post so get ready for a ton of cuteness

Kawaii Mail Day

Miniature Wooden Animals

So today I was looking for new techniques for different crafts. I found the coolest thing ever. This guy makes miniature wooden animals. Here is the video for it

Giga Pudding

So I love watching japanese commercials lol

and when I came across this giga pudding commercial I just had to post it lol. Its like the most amazing, most annoying, trance like inducing, longest 2 minutes and 11 seconds of my life. Japanese people really know how to advertise products. Especially with the stop motion of this commercial it really engraves it into your brain.

Im totally going to make my own giga pudding for my younger sisters lol.

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