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Dollar Tree Craft Haul

Hi everybody

So Im in a super fun mood and I am going to start posting tons of new tutorials and videos


Whipple Whipped Cream Review


I’ve been waiting for a while to try out this product so I could share with you my Whipple Whipped Cream Review.

The official whipple website is Whipple.Com and they are a brand by and brought to the U.S by International Playthings

I purchased mine at my local Toys R Us and it cost me $4.98 . They only had 2 kits available and 3 colors of whipple cream in mint, chocolate and white. I was looking for the chocolate bar kit but they said they were only available online and would not be in store stock because the product is being discontinued. Im not sure if they mean the manufacturer will no longer be making it or if it meant Toys R Us would no longer be carrying the product. I will try to find some more information later on that issue.

Now on to the review

Since I didnt like the kits they had available I decided to just purchase the cream. The picture below shows what comes in the box.



Foam Squishy Making Kit

So here is another kit for making squishies. This kit is made from urethane foam which is basically the same thing as expanding foam in the U.S except it looks like it has a more controlled way of expanding and smaller bubbles. You can use this to make squishy charms and squishy decoden cabochons since it can be molded.

Squishy Foam Making Kit

This product is made by Nissin Resin Co. and it retails for 2,835 yen which is about $36 U.S dollars


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