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Miniature Piping Tip Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a miniature piping tip that you can use to make miniature whipped cream dollops out of clay. I have created both a video and a step by step picture tutorial. ENJOY



Clay Cream Puff Tutorial

I saw this tutorial in a japanese magazine so I thought I would share it

Clay Cream Puff Tutorial

Its pretty self explanatory but if you need a bit of help here is my english instructions to go along with the picture below.

1. Take a ball of clay either polymer clay or air dry clay. Use a pair of tweezers to make a y shape on the top of the ball of clay to give it the cream puff shape.
2. Take a toothbrush and pounce it into the clay to give it texture
3. Cut the ball in half to make your creampuff, be careful to not squish the texture off. If you do just do it again once you cut it in half.
4.Use soft pastels or acrylic paint to shade your cream puff
5.Add whipped cream to the botton of the puff- they are using silicone
6.Add the top of the puff and you are done


Polymer Clay Cruller Doughnut Tutorial

Hi guys

Its been a while since I posted a tutorial so I made this polymer clay miniature cruller doughnut tutorial.

Its really simple to do if you follow the tutorial below


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