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Think outside the clay box

So ever since I started posting some of my tutorials I got alot of messages saying how they would have never thought of using some of the materials I named. I just want everybody to start thinking outside the box. Think as the creator would for whatever you’re making. For example if you’re making sweets think as a baker and the materials that they use. If you are making miniature horses you could use real horsehair or metal pieces. If you were making miniature model cars you would use maybe leather for the seats, rubber for tires and realistic pieces.

Our medium may start off as clay but you can add so many different elements to make it more realistic and interesting. Also look at the things around you as tools, for example a tooth pick can be a tool or even made into a rolling pin. You have to look at things not for what they are but for what they can become.

I hope this can help you start having a different outlook on materials. Happy Crafting


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