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My 1st Craft Show

So last weekend I had my first craft show featuring my KawaiiFrenzy handmade products. It was at a elementary school. I had to be there pretty early to set up like at 9 A.M. At first I was so worried because it started to rain like at 5 AM and thundering and lightning alot.

It all worked out though because by 9 A.M the weather cleared up and it was a beautiful day.

UNTIL …. DUN DUN DUN I actually got there lol … it turns out it was more of a yard sale then a craft show.

Here are a few pics from my day. I didnt even have my banners or business cards yet, so I tried to work with what I had. My display is nothing like it will be now that I have more of my displays and signage ready, the next “ACTUAL SHOW” will be amazing hopefully

Here is my booth space

My 1st Craft Show


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