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100,000 + Visitors Celebration

Hi my lovelies, I just want to say thank you , thank you, thank you so much for visiting my site after all these years. I am so happy that people still visit and take the time to post and that you still love the blog.

My counter showed the site has had over 100,000 individual people visiting and millions of page views. So I appreciate that so much.

KawaiiFrenzy 100,000 Visitors Celebration

KawaiiFrenzy on Tumblr

Hi everyone I finally decided to get on tumblr so make sure to check me out . Here is my Link


I will be adding pictures over there that I dont add here or on facebook so I can keep in better touch with different people and have a better variety

IM BACK!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody after a super long hiatus Im back. I will start making tutorials again and best of all the shop will be opening back up again WOO HOOO. I have to get back into gear and I cant wait to talk to all my buddies again I have missed you all sooo much. Stay tuned for new updates. Let me know what kind of new posts you guys are interested in seeing. I know Im going to make a post about the new trends in japan and I will be bringing some new items to the shop.

and yes the Ice cream scoop rings will be back lol those are the most requested items and dont worry you will be able to get your hands on them again.

Kisses XOXO

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