Whipple Whipped Cream Review


I’ve been waiting for a while to try out this product so I could share with you my Whipple Whipped Cream Review.

The official whipple website is Whipple.Com and they are a brand by http://epoch.jp and brought to the U.S by International Playthings

I purchased mine at my local Toys R Us and it cost me $4.98 . They only had 2 kits available and 3 colors of whipple cream in mint, chocolate and white. I was looking for the chocolate bar kit but they said they were only available online and would not be in store stock because the product is being discontinued. Im not sure if they mean the manufacturer will no longer be making it or if it meant Toys R Us would no longer be carrying the product. I will try to find some more information later on that issue.

Now on to the review

Since I didnt like the kits they had available I decided to just purchase the cream. The picture below shows what comes in the box.


At first I was a bit disappointed because I failed to read the box in which it said it does not come with a piping tip because its just a refill kit. Whipple would probably make more money if they sold the cream as a stand alone product with a piping tip especially for those one time crafters.  This is a problem only for those that do not have their own piping tips at home. The solution will be explained below

So for the longest time I’ve been wondering what whipple was made out of . At first squish haha it felt creamy, soft and smooth. I could tell right away it wasnt silicone, my conclusion is that its pretty much modeling paste.

The good thing about the packaging as shown below is that it comes with a plug and a resealable cap. So you can use as little or as much as you want and save the rest. I think it has around 4 oz in the package

So like I said earlier in the post the refill cream does not come with a piping tip. So I put one of my own piping tip and a the coupler screw cap since the whipple comes with the inside coupler part already. I could not screw the coupler screw cap on but it fit tightly enough that if I held it in place with my hand I can squeeze out the cream. You can also tape it in place which I recommend over just holding it with your hand.

Whipple really has fantastic definition when piped. The tips would have been better but since I didnt tape my piping tip in place when I pulled the tip away I messed up the top of the whipped cream dollops. It has a nice matte color and it really looks realistic.

You can also mix acrylic paint with whipple to make your own custom colors.

Im testing the adhesive properties below and I will update this post in a few days. I will also test the water resistance of whipple as well.


Drying Time: As soon as its piped within a few minutes the outside shell will start drying.  I give it a few days to make sure its fully dry on the inside. It dries to a non sticky texture. I give it a 5 out 5 Stars

Water Resistance: After I let it dry for a few days I placed the whipped dollops in a bag filled with water. I tested the plain white as well as the dollops I mixed myself with acrylic paint. After the first day they did not dissolve in water, and there was no paint leakage into the water. I left them both in the water for a week. After a few days they did absorb some water and I could squeeze the dollops but when they finally did start breaking apart they fell apart in chunks instead of dissolving in water. This is great news. It took about a week for them to absorb water and see damage. That means you can feel comfortable to make jewelry and other accessories without worry of them getting wet like in the rain. I give the water resistance test a 5 out 5 stars.

Adhesive properties: It sticks well to materials. Just make sure you dont use it on silicone phone cases since nothing really sticks to silicone. 5 out 5 Stars.

I highly recommend whipple cream for decoden . It has no smell, dries to a realistic color , adheres well, and is water resistant and its cheap and easily available.


I hope you enjoyed this review let me know if you have any questions

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6 Responses to “Whipple Whipped Cream Review”

  1. Kristina Says:

    Hi I’m looking for a whipped cream for decoden that is very squishy after it dries. I used alex-dap cus when it dries it is not as squishy as I thought it would be. Besides whipple, is there another cheap brand of whipped cream that would dry and be very squishy?? 100% silicone?? Thank you.

  2. admin Says:

    silicone is squishy but I dont know what you may expect by very squishy. I used several brands and they are all pretty much the same when it comes to squishyness lol they will all probably be similar to your alex-dap it wont really matter if its a 100% silicone or not.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I live in the UK and have tried to locate this product in my local Toys r us store and had no luck. I really want to give this a go. I will try the link you have provided and hopefully they will ship to the UK. Many thanks Michelle

  4. Suzy Says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing this! I really appreciate the water test. I have a few plastic keychains I’m soaking trying to get dried whipple cream off of so I can redo them better. Hopefully if I let it sit for a few days I can clean the pieces up and start over. I was really surprised that it didn’t instantly dissolve, it’s tough stuff! I swear it’s literally fused to the plastic or something. It’s really strong and comes in cute colors. I really like it!

  5. admin Says:

    hey suzy, you’re welcome and I hope your project turns out well

  6. May Says:

    Are there similarities/differences between Whipple and hardware store Silicone?

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