Sculpey Firefly Pluffy Clay Review

Today I went to my local craft store and I bought some sculpey pluffy clay. This new clay is described by sculpey as being lightweight, never dries unless you bake it and it floats in water so its waterproof.

Pluffy Clay

It cost 3.99 for a 4 oz block. When I compared the amount of a regular block of 2 oz sculpey III you’re getting the same amount 2 oz vs 2oz so at that rate pluffy clay cost around .75 cents more for the same amount of 2 oz , pluffy clay just comes in double the size.

When I took it out of the packate this is how it look

Pluffy Clay

It feels and looks just like salt water taffy except that its not as stretchy. When I first ripped a chunk of it from the package it does feel squishy and soft , its basically kind of like pre kneaded sculpey III. Its slightly lighter than Sculpey III but its no where as light as lets say Hearty Clay, pluffy clay has like a medium weight to it , its a nice weight to make pieces with I really love this about it.

When I started playing around with it, it does warm up some. When its cooler it doesnt really stick to your fingers but as it warms up I felt a slight film start to coat on my fingers it felt like oil residue.

Then I decided to see how pluffy clay accepts other pigments since I only bought white. It does come in multi colored packages though.

I first added some soft pastels in a dark purple shade. As you can see in the picture below it did change colors but the more pigment I added the clay started getting super soft and the residue on my hand went from a slight film to thick layers sticking to my fingers

Pluffy Clay

Here is a side by side comparison of the purple one next a chunk of the white one.

Pluffy Clay

Then I decided to add some acrylic paint in to see how it mixed with that

Pluffy Clay

As you can see in the picture the clay started to really fall apart , it turned very goopy and very messy.

Pluffy Clay

I went to wash my hands with some soap and at it first it was a bit hard to remove all the stuff from my hands. The oily residue really sticks to your skin and I had to scrape it off my fingers with my nails and then rewash until it was finally all gone but even then it still feels like there was a slight film there.

Next I tried to see how the clay could be textured. I tried to make a quick ice cream scoop and it takes texture really well.

Pluffy Clay

I then put some clay into one of my mini molds and this clay molds really well. It really only works on shallow molded pieces because as you can see in the pic I had a big chunk of clay outside the mold to even pull it out because the clay is so squishy you cant remove it from a deep mold without deforming it.

Pluffy Clay

When I tried a more shallow mold I guess the clay was still too warm and it left some residue in my mold which is HORRIBLE. First because this clay does not dry and it leaves a film its going to be hard to clean the mold.

Pluffy Clay

Then I wanted to see if chunks of the clay would stick together and make smooth seams and lines. At least it works well on those matters. The clay sticks to each other pretty good when the clay is warm , the cooler it is it might not stick as well. I guess I’ll find out when I bake it.

Pluffy Clay

* Also dont mind my ugly kitty sculpture lol I did that in 5 seconds with the tip of my pen just to test it out lol


The good news is that it does bake really hard, although when I took it out the bottom seemed to be still a bit wet, I baked several pieces at different times and they all had this issue. So I flipped them over and had to bake the bottom to get it fully dry.


  • Its soft




  • When the clay is warm it stuck to all my tools and my fingers
  • Annoying to clean up as it can leave a thick layer of residue

I dont know how Im going to use this clay. Its fun to work with but the clean up is so annoying I dont think it may really be worth it to really use. I spent more time cleaning up my hands and my tools then working with the clay. After every step of trying to make something I had to clean my hands from so much residue being over everything. All that residue adds up to wasted material as well, so I’ll test it out more over the next few days to see if I can find a use for it that really wows me away to the point that I would buy another package of it.

I will update this post again when I bake it

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5 Responses to “Sculpey Firefly Pluffy Clay Review”

  1. Riechan Says:

    thanks! I added a link to this one on “All about deco”

  2. Adrienne Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this review. I bought a few packages of Pluffy just because I was curious but have not used it yet. Now I’m not even going to open it up. I’ll give it away. Good ol Premo. I’m sticking to it(no pun intended.)

  3. T Says:

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who had this issue with Pluffy. I’ve made a handful of successful pieces with it, but Hearty, Sculpey III and Delight will be what I stick with from now on.

  4. Shelle Says:

    I just bought some. I don’t have the strength for other clays. This taffy feel is easy.

    Clean dry hands I worked the clay fine. Any moisture and it stuck.

    I covered the clay in wax paper to roll it out. Perfect. But only use the paper once. It seems to pick up the wax.

    I made 30 hearts and am very pleased.

    I had to quick clean up. I gathered the hearts and the tumbled but didn’t stick or damage FTW! I have art on front and back. No problem with the weight flattening one or the other.

    So far it’s a real win for me. I’d say if you have kids with not very string hands or adults with hand issues this is a new lease on creative life.

    I created one piece with cut out lifted edges interiorly. Worked great.

  5. Faith Says:

    I found recipes for Studio by Sculpey and they require Pluffy. I can no longer find 4 ounce packages in my area but the sets are still available. I have yet to mix the recipes and see what I get. Just another use for Pluffy, I hope it works.

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