Creative Paper Clay Review

This is my review for Creative Paper Clay

Creative Paper Clay

Creative Paper Clay

Creative paper clay is a fun clay to work with. It feels alot like a fluffy dough.

Paper Clay

The site recommends that you can paint it after its dry but I wanted to see if it would change color if I mixed paint within it.

Paper Clay and Paint

It worked pretty well

Paper  Clay

but it does stick to your fingers as you are trying to mix it in. I recommend wearing gloves or your hands will look like this afterwards.

Paper Clay Residue

I then tried to mix in some dry pigment

Paper Clay

It did not take the pigment well for me

Paper Clay

there was no color change even with the dark purple. I guess the paint is my best bet wether I mix it in or paint it on afterwards.

You have to let it dry for like 3 days to let the water evaporate from the clay as it cures and gets hard.

These are some cute deco items that you can make with paper clay

Paper Clay miniatures

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4 Responses to “Creative Paper Clay Review”

  1. Riechan Says:

    can you work this one better (and more) than the heart clay?

  2. admin Says:

    yep you can sculpt this one and its not like hearty clay at all. Its more messy but if you want to be able to actually make your own creations without molds this one is the way to go.

  3. po0kles Says:

    Is this clay pretty durable? Would it be good for making roses?

  4. admin Says:

    once this clay is dry it is hard like a rock , the only downside is that its not waterproof

    I think it would be okay to sculpt roses with it

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