How to make fake sugar tutorial

Sugar Sugar Sugar and more Sugar !!!!!!!!!!! and SALT ????? WHOA

In this tutorial I will show you how to make realistic coarse sugar for your miniatures and fake food creations.

Fake Sugar Covered Strawberry


  • Item to cover in faux sugar or salt
  • Twinklets Diamond Dust
  • Crafters Pick The Ultimate Glue

Step 1: Take your item and get your glue

Crafters Pick The Ultimate Glue

I used Crafters Pick The Ultimate glue, it holds on pretty tight to the loose powders and crystals so I think its a nice glue for this project.

Step 2: Add glue to the area you want to cover with faux sugar or salt. I just added some glue to the end of my strawberry.

Step 3: Get a piece of paper and in one hand hold your glue covered item and with the other sprinkle the diamond dust over the glue until its all covered.

Twinklets Diamond Dust

Then just set your piece aside to dry, I like to let it dry for at least 24 hours or more before I move it.

Fake sugar tutorial

You can then just take the piece of paper and pour all the diamond dust back into the jar to reuse. I like to do this because dipping the item into the jar may get other icky specks into the diamond dust and I dont want that.


So what is Twinklets Diamond Dust?
It is ground up glass also known as vintage glass glitter and german glass glitter. It doesnt feel sharp at all it really feels like granulated sugar or salt. It is still glass though and it can be dangerous if it gets into your eyes or it could knick your skin accidently.

I suggest washings your hands after using this product and do not let children play with this.

What else can I do with diamond dust?
Besides fake sugar this would look great on fake pretzels to make it looks like salt. It can also be used to make crushed ice, or shaved ice parfaits.  Fake snow crystals is another cute item you could make with this. Its really great all around for projects where you want a sparkly reflection but not really glittery or a  crystallized or frozen look.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me

Happy Crafting


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5 Responses to “How to make fake sugar tutorial”

  1. Tiff Says:

    Oh sweet I can finally make sugar topped donuts now! Thank you!

  2. admin Says:

    you’re welcome, hope ur donuts turn out delicious

  3. kath Says:

    where can i get this in canada? any place accept for artstore?

  4. admin Says:

    most craft stores should have it. You can also search on canadian craft stores online for glass glitter its the generic name of it. You could also just search for it online and see if the company you find ships worldwide.

  5. Carly Says:

    Do you think you could mix it with any sort of glue or resin? I’m thinking, if you mixed it with something transparent, to make little sno-cones…?

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