Materials used to make Fake Whipped Cream

This is probably the most asked questions in the Re-Ment, clay miniatures, decoden, fake food making community. How do I make fake whipped cream? lol it is rather easy and you dont have to pay an arm and a leg for japanese imports. You can get just about all the different products from either a craft store or your local home repair shop like lowes or home depot. So lets get to it.


  1. 100% Silicone – You can use Caulk piped through a pastry bag.  Be sure to use a brand such as AFM Safecoat that is is low in VOC’s and is the closest to non toxic as you’re gonna get. It  cost about $8  for a 10.5 oz tube that you will need a caulking gun to use. There are cheaper brands of caulk but they have toxic materials in them that you really dont want to use or breath in. You can find it in places that sell home repair goods.
  2. Clay Whipped Cream – using TLS “Transparent Liquid Sculpey” + regular polymer clay and mix together
  3. Puff Paint – White puff paint is wonderful, especially if you use an icing tip and you can make micro whipped cream dollops that look very detailed.
  4. Polymer Clay – You can buy a whipped cream mold and make clay whipped cream dollops.
  5. Paper Clay – Use a whipped cream mold, or even pipe it through a pastry bag
  6. Resin Clay – You can Mold it, Pipe it through a pastry bag
  7. Spackle – Makes great whipped cream, frosting, icing
  8. Plaster of Paris – Can crack a bit so its good for those harder style of icings
  9. Aleene’s Glitter Snow
  10. Aleene’s True Snow
  11. DecoArt’s Snow Writer
  12. Snow-Tex
  13. White Silly String
  14. Expansive Foam Spray
  15. Modeling Paste   * Tip by  ochamelon

All of these materials can also make fake frosting for cakes, fake icing for cookies, and even fake snow. I wrote a whole other blog article on fake snow which you can see by clicking HERE

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31 Responses to “Materials used to make Fake Whipped Cream”

  1. V Says:

    Hi, if its 100% silicone does it mean it`s non toxic?
    please reply to my email
    thank you!

  2. Alexa Says:

    when I’ve bought polymer clay sometimes it was really stiff and hard to use how would I mix it with the TLS? will it gradually get softer? just put it in a cup and mix or use my hands?

  3. admin Says:

    Polymer can get pretty stiff at times. You can keep kneeding it until it gets softer but if it is still stiff you can do a few things. You can try to add the TLS and see if adding the liquid sculpey will help make it softer. You can buy a product like Sculpey Clay Softener which will help make the clay softer before you even add the TLS. You could also add a touch of vaseline to soften up the clay, not too much though.

    You can mix it any way you like, with your hands or with a wooden stick. If you are new to polymer clay , it might take a bit of getting used too , but you’ll find the more you knead it the more workable it will be. It wont be like soft putty by itself, but once you get the clay soft and add the liquid sculpey then it’ll get to the whipped cream texture and then u can pipe it and bake it.

    I’ll do a tutorial on it soon so you can see step by step.

  4. admin Says:

    Just because its a 100% silicone does not mean its non toxic, it has to do with the other additives that the silicone has.

    I recommend AFM Safecoat Caulking Compound. Here is what Safecoat says about their product

    Safecoat® products go much further to protect your health. In addition to meeting the highest standards of environmental responsibility, we also eliminate toxic ingredients such as solvents, heavy metals, chemical residuals, formaldehyde and other harmful preservatives.

    Also you can you aquarium grade silicone. Which is non toxic as well.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Karen Says:

    Does the AFM Safecoat Caulking Compound have a good hold on cabochons and on hearty clay? With the silicon i use, thigs fall off and its not easy to stock them back on the silicon. Not even crazy glue D:

  6. admin Says:

    well most silicones will only have a slight grip. It happens with all the brands. You wont be able to glue things unto the silicone because by nature silicone is gonna be non stick to most things. Thats just the nature of the material.

  7. Karen Says:

    Is there anyway to put them back on that you know of?

  8. admin Says:

    I havent really played around with different glues to stick them back on. You could try to add more silicone to see if they will stick back on.

    Or try looking up silicone based glues

    I’ll add this to my tutorial to do list to figure out how to fix this problem

  9. Karen Says:

    Oh man thank you! If i find any glue, ill let you know too

  10. Mini Mo Says:

    I know this is an old post but I have a question about spacle. Have you used it before as a whipp cream?

  11. admin Says:

    yeah I have tested it out. It looks great and its really easy to pipe. It can be a tad brittle though and its not waterproof. If you coat it with a water resistance coating that would take care of water damage. As far as durability I would use it only on things that dont get alot of wear and tear like deco boxes.

  12. Mini Mo Says:

    I cant find this spackle anywhere in UK. Does it have a different name maybe? And what is it anyway? :D

    And other question: Have you ever tried acrylic sealant as a whip cream?

  13. admin Says:

    spackle is just a hole filler for walls. I dont know if it has other names in the UK though.

  14. silvia Says:

    Thank you so much for the infos! I was wondering how to make the whipcream and I learn a lot from your website >_<

    I have one question thought, I want to buy AFM-Safecoat Caulking Compound 10.5 Ounces. Can you tell me which caulking gun you suggest to buy? I was looking up caulking gun, and thought this one looked nice (
    but I wasn't sure it was a right size for AFM silicone. Let me know the website if you siggest other ones, Thank you so much :) !!

  15. silvia Says:

    One more question, to show the texture of whip cream, do I need to buy decorating tips? Any website links would be helpful ^^

  16. admin Says:

    yeah that one looks fine

    most caulking guns are built to fit the standard cualk cartridge

    you know you can usually find these at a local hardware store if you want to save on shipping.

  17. admin Says:

    yeah you need decorating tips, its just like piping frosting. I usually buy my decorating tips at a baking store, or craft store like michaels, even walmart. Most grocery stores have them in the cake sections.

    if you only have access to online items just search decorating tips, piping tips, u can even check ebay and compare prices. The shopping tab on google is one of my favorite ways to browse items, u can set it to lowest price and it can help you find the cheapest items.

  18. Dominique Bordeaux Says:

    I would just like to reach out and thank you so much with all my heart. Times are extremely hard these times when it comes to finding a job right out of high school. I’m currently pursuing my Associate’s of Arts Degree in college right now and I can’t help but think of where I will be income wise after I graduate. I am still living with my folks and I would like to at least have a little place of my own at least after a year or so of graduating with my first degree. This is one reason I started my business so I can at least have some form of income coming in since finding a job here where I live is practically impossible with my age and job inexperience. In other words, I do not have the money to import main ingredients for deco-den, such as their ‘special’ whipped cream and I’ve been browsing everywhere in search of information on other choices other than silicone. I’m very very happy I was able to find exactly what I was looking for! <3333 Thank you so much, with all my heart. And I can now move on with my life instead feeling like I'm in the gutter. C:

  19. admin Says:

    this really touches my heart

    Im so glad that I could help you out in some way in finding a cheaper way to make your products. Hope you get lots of sales at your shop

  20. Hannah Says:

    just wanted to know, does the silicone dry solid? because i’ve seen it used and it dries like rubber. and do you know if DAP products are any good? particularly this one: That was the product I thought about getting but if it dries like rubber then could you recommend me one that dries solid please??

  21. Anna Baria Says:

    I need to make a life size ice cream come for a costume and I’m struggling to find a way to make the whipped ice cream, do you have any suggestions?

  22. admin Says:

    hmm for a costume… you could use fabric and try to drape it to look like ice cream, then cover the fabric in fabric paint to give it a slick texture

  23. Jsun Says:

    Hey! Nice ideas, I have an idea to have a denim jacket and make it look like “icing” is dripping down from the shoulders. Do you think silicone or puff paint would be better for that? What would have the best grip? I really don’t want it to peel off so I want what will stick the best to denim! Thanks!!!

  24. admin Says:

    @Jsun well it depends on how large you want the icing drips to be. puff paint is fabric paint so for a smaller design I would go for that. If you want something that is going to cover a larger area silicone would be the cheaper alternative. They would both be good choices just depends on your budget. Also silicone might be better if you want a thicker layer, because with puff paint you will get a thin design. It all depends on what look you are going for.

  25. Jsun Says:

    alright, so if I get the silicone caulk do you just pump it out into a container and mix with food coloring or something to get it pink? and then just pipe it out of something to apply?

  26. admin Says:

    @Jsun well I suggest you get a squeeze tube of caulk to do it. Remember if you get a cartridge of it you will need a caulking gun to squeeze it out. I dont recommend food coloring for your clothes because I dont know if any of the edible components will attract bugs over time. Ink works great, and the cheapest way is get like a dollar store pink lipstick that works great and cheap to tint silicone thats my fav technique. you can use oil paint as well. some people use acrylic paint as well but it depends on the silicone caulk, so thats a hit or a miss at times. Check out my tutorials below

    Here is my tutorial for the lipstick

    and here is my tutorial with oil paint

  27. Jsun Says:

    alright thanks! it’s so weird that lipstick works? haha but I will take your word for it and try it…since I want a lot of silicone (icing) on the shoulders of my jacket should I pump out all of the silicone with the gun into a large piping bag then add the lipstick and mush/mix it all up then apply? or would suggest maybe doing it little by little? (but then I might have to make sure the color matches if i make mini seperate batches?) thanks so much for your help, you have no idea…I just don’t want to mess it up too bad on the first try haha

  28. admin Says:

    you have to mix the lipstick with the silicone first and then pipe it out if you want it evenly blended. make sure to blend it fast and dont leave it out too long in open air because it will start curing. It blends fast so it’ll be okay. make a little test batch first so you can see how easily it blends together , you can just squeeze out like a quarter size so you can get the hang of it. Its pretty simple, just blend the two products and stick it in a bag and pipe it out.

  29. Cook-y Says:

    I was just wondering
    I found some sealant in my house.
    It’s made from acrylic polymer.
    Do you think that’s ok to use for deco cream?
    I’m only new to decoden so I haven’t much experience.
    Thanks :D

  30. admin Says:

    @cook-y it should be okay yeah

  31. Cherish Says:

    I like to mix chalk shavings with my caulk. >.< HEHEHE
    It once mixed it gives it a pastel color but if you want it darker add a bit more. The shavings need to be dustlike or you will get "flecks" in your "frosting" I shall try Spackle today I thin.

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